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By using our applications IRIS and RAS, service jobs and risks are continuously monitored and evaluated so that they can be handled quickly. Because processing service jobs and evaluating risks are a recurring part of most companies, these processes will be continuously optimized.

This creates an effective and efficient way of working that ensures a decrease of disturbances and an increase of efficiency. By continuous improvement, the quality of your services will be better and better. The result is a satisfied customer, a satisfied employee, a satisfied auditor, and satisfied stakeholders.

About the plantool

Project planning


Do you regularly plan multiple resources on one or more projects? Having overview on your available resources and capacity is difficult? Do you have sufficient resources to carry out a project? Do these resources have the right skills? With the web based Plantool of Cofano you always have a clear overview of your projects and available resources.


About IRIS

options and modules


IRIS can easily be arranged to your liking. It provides administrators the possibility to create different statuses, adjust which status route a service job has to travel, who should receive a notification when and who has access to which part of the system. This way everything can be fully adjusted to the requirements of your company.


About the Risk Assessment System

all risks revealed


Risk analyses and the associated quality improvement are important to an organization, both in the area of projects as well as processes. Cofano developed the RAS to make it easier for companies to carry out these analyses, according to the latest organizational norms. The RAS forces users to accurately analyze and evaluate risks, in an accessible and intuitive manner.



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