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Our applications

Control Tower

Easily control your shipments or containers, real-time. With the Control Tower you or your customers can track (container)shipments.

Intermodal Routeplanner

Do you have any routes or transport lanes for which you would like intermodal alternatives? The Intermodal Transport Planner (IRP) determines your transportation alternatives using inland shipping and railways.

Intermodal Voyage Planner

Intermodal transport is increasingly used as an alternative for conventional transport. To make intermodal transport more accessible, Cofano has developed the Intermodal Voyage planner.

Booking Portal

Connect your customers to your own in-house system and stop getting your container bookings or transport orders through telephone and email. The Booking Portal allows your customers to do their own booking.


Qewi is our basic system for GPS, IAS or satellite tracking of objects.

Synchromodal CT

The Synchromodal Control Tower is an expansion on the Control Tower. Shipments and containers can be brought in without having to determine modalities and service providers.

Cargo Management System

The CMS tracks the location of your fleet and visualizes it on a map in real-time.


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