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Control over your organization is your aim. So you can adjust in time. This requires access to the current status of critical business processes. The web-based enterprise software by Cofano provides direct insight into the relevant process information that you need. Think for example of the financial performance of your organization, project planning, or the capacity of your employees or other recources. Products developed by Cofano can translate your process information with the push of a button, into clear graphical overviews. This way you can stay in control over the core of your business.

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Cofano has developed solutions in Logistics that give you or your customers insight and control over the logistical chain, using all the benefits of the digital age.
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Every organization has a multitude of processes. Sales, production, advertising and service are just a few examples. These processes can possess any number of sub-processes, sometimes dozens of them. As a manager, you like keep these under control. This can only happen if these processes are clearly accessible. 'Cofano Blue' adds structure to all (sub-)processes and captures the resulting tasks, privileges, and responsibilities digitally, for every employee.
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Web-based insight in project-based risks and service routes, in a smart and accesible manner. IRIS delivers an online summary of your current service cases, with the capability to automatically notify all concerned parties. The RAS forces project owners to map and evaluate risks.
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